Hot and Cold.

I’m more or less back on track after my hiccup a couple of weeks ago, and typically enough, my body is engaging in its time-honoured tradition of stress reduction = get sick. I’m feeling flu-y and fatigued and my vision, which gets messed around with periodically by my occipital neuralgia, has been dodgy – I’m finding it hard to focus on a white computer screen and the letters are all blurry around the edges. Which is, of course, great for getting a research proposal completed in a timely manner.

Feeling vaguely feverish last night and this morning, I took my temperature and then realised I didn’t know what constituted a fever so took to Googling. Apparently, while 37 C is the average, anything from 36.4 to 37.6 is fine. Above around 39.5 is cause for concern, and 35 and below can indicate hypothermia.

So, maybe everyone else already knew this, but I’ve forgotten everything I ever learned in human biology in high school. And because I’ve been monitoring my body temperature daily for the last couple of months, I now realise – my body temperature is rarely if ever in the ‘normal’ range. It’s only been 36.4 and above for two days out of the last month, and is typically between 35.5 and 36.5. I’ve had a couple of days below 35.5 although never as low as 35.0. My highest body temperature in the two months has been 36.9, last night, and it’s never reached 37.

I already knew my body was weird, but this seems bizarre. I knew I subjectively felt like my body couldn’t regulate temperature well, and my extremities are cold and sweaty for most of the cooler weather. Mostly I don’t handle heat though – I suppose if a hot day in my hometown is often five degrees warmer than my maximum body temperature it could explain why it feels ever-so-slightly like dying.

Does anyone else out there have a lower-than-average body temperature? Do you know why? It seems like it could be a dysautonomia thing – my resting blood pressure is often the low end of normal, maybe they’re tied in? And how the hell do I work out if I have a fever?!

2 thoughts on “Hot and Cold.

  1. heatherhdoucet

    I have been monitoring mine as well because I would find myself feeling FREEZING unless I felt feverish. I went to the ER several weeks ago with a body temperature (and a debilitating headache (neck, base of head that warped around head and around my eye), blur vision, light sensitive and a temp that was 4 degrees higher than my normal range. Only to have the ER doctor say I didn’t have a fever UNTIL I showed him my chart and even took my at home themometer so I could make sure and diffuse the “you must not be getting a good read at home”. All in all the ER just attributed my symptoms to POTS and needing pain med and fluids. I haven’t found a doctor yet that will address my symptoms as more than a tension headache, sinus headache or migraine! And no one really is addressing the low body temp because so far it hasn’t appeared to have an effect on any organs negatively. I am not a doctor but I know that if MY body temperature is higher than 2 degrees of my normal, something is going on in my body and I usually have some symptom, 3 degrees is a fever and I don’t care if a medical person agrees or not and 4 degrees I am going to be seen visually by a medical profession because I will have some symptoms that aren’t going o go away because my body is having trouble fighting it. My only advice is track it, know what your normal is (know your morning and night because they can change on a normal day or I have noticed that my morning is a little lower than my night) and advocate for yourself! And bring your proof source along with you!

    1. jezzybel Post author

      Thank you Heather, that’s great advice. I’ve started charting my temperature using a phone app, so at least if I need to go to the dr with a fever-for-me, I have my daily temperatures recorded as a baseline on me. Best of luck finding some better medical care!


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