Thought for the Day.

Had an illness-is-hilarious moment I wanted to share.

I was at the letterbox checking the mail when I got a massive, excruciating cramp. I get cramps in my left calf and foot since my back has been bad. Seconds later, I realised there were baby spiders all over the letter I had pulled out of the letterbox.

Cue me shrieking, waving my arms around frantically trying to dislodge the baby spiders, and hobbling, howling, up my driveway doing a weird I-have-a-cramp-and-there-are-spiders dance all the way to the front door.

I’m sure the neighbours were entertained, at least!

Hope you’re AWAP (as well as possible) today.


3 thoughts on “Thought for the Day.

  1. roweeee

    I had to laugh about your bit about the spiders. I’m quite alright with spiders but I had a big stress about whether the bus I was waiting for was going to turn up the other day which was follow up by choking badly on a meat pie. It was quite a day and I guess a part of living with my chronic illness.

    1. jezzybel Post author

      Oh dear! It’s good to be able to laugh about the million small, ridiculous things illness and pain bring with them. Humour is apparently one of the more mature / advanced coping mechanisms, so if you’re laughing at yourself, you’re doing okay!

  2. rachelmeeks

    Haha that’s one of those so-absurdly-awful-that-it’s-funny moments, thanks for sharing. Made me smile today. I’m glad you escaped the spiders even with a gimp leg. 😉


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