Link Round-Up.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Toni Bernhard, who blogs for my favourite magazine Psychology Today (yes, I am a nerd) has written a lovely piece on how to cope with bad days. I like that this is realistic; those sunshine-y ‘Think about bunny rabbits and cheer up!’ type strategies tend to leave me grumpier than when I started.

I realise my link round-ups seem like they are entirely composed of xoJane Healthy and It Happened to Me stories, but what can I say? I love xoJane and I find the stories individuals construct of their illness experiences fascinating. This one is by a young woman who rapidly developed Multiple Sclerosis.

Sarah Wilson, of I Quit Sugar fame, has Hashimoto’s disease (underactive thyroid) and wrote this interesting post on common exercise mistakes. It is largely geared towards weight loss, but I was particularly interested by the idea that excessive exercise (potentially in response to the ‘obesity’ and dieting epidemics) could be contributing to the rise of autoimmune disease. I think her exercise recommendations are well suited to people with chronic illness regardless.

Britt at the Hurt Blogger brought to my attention that ePatients (essentially anyone who uses the internet to navigate chronic illness) have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend the Stanford Medicine X conference. Applications close March 15, so have a look if you’re interested (and able to travel to Stanford – I would love to but it’s a little far for me!).

And via the lovely Sarah of Fibro Feist, a link to a list of 20 things sick people never take for granted. I had to laugh at soap; my quest for (preferably nice smelling) things I can slather on my skin without breaking out into a rash is never-ending and expensive!


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