How Far We’ve Come…

I’m flat out doing chronic pain care-related reading for my dissertation in preparation for uni starting back up in a couple of weeks, and hopefully I’ll get around to sharing some of the findings I’ve been reading about here soon, but I wanted to drop in and share something in the meantime.

In an article I was reading, I found reference to another article, which was from 1978 and titled ‘Treating Hateful Patients’. I’m going to let this sink in for a moment; not only did this get written using this terminology, indicating it was common parlance at the time, but it was published in a peer-reviewed, respected, professional journal (which these days generally have very high standards relating to the use of non-discriminatory or emotive language).

So next time you’re cursing an unfeeling or inept medical/health professional (and I’m sure we’ve all met at least one!) take a moment to remember it could be worse; you could be seeking treatment in 1978! 😉

…And for anyone wondering, a) These days they (we!) are generally referred to as ‘difficult’ patients, and b) No, I didn’t track down/read the article, I’ve been reading enough frustrating content in the current literature and I didn’t think I could take it!


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