Silver Linings and Small Victories.

This week:

I am grateful for reconnecting with old, good friends who understand the challenges of ‘chronic life’.

I am grateful for my body’s unpredictability, since I overdid it badly on Wednesday and was expecting Thursday to be awful, but it wasn’t.

I am grateful for tiny bursts of motivation and the satisfaction of Getting Stuff Done.

I am grateful for the online community of my peers; young women with chronic pain or illness, sharing their experiences and making me feel less alone.

I am grateful for the air conditioning that makes it bearable to lie on a heatpad when it is 40 degrees Celcius.

I am grateful to live in Australia, which, although imperfect, has a vastly better social security and health system than many other parts of the world and is working to improve it through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

I am grateful to have learned early in life to budget effectively and to live on less, where others would probably struggle.

I am grateful to have the world’s snuggliest cat to keep me company when I’m stuck in bed.

I am grateful to have a father who, despite not really being able to afford it, makes it a priority to pay for my spinal surgeries when I otherwise could not afford them.


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