Acceptance and Giving Up.

Having read these two posts on the same issue this week, the difference between accepting your life and illness as it is and ‘giving up’ is on my mind. From my experience, chronically ill people tend to understand acceptance, while non-sick people tend to view it as giving up if you’re not constantly pushing for new diagnoses, new treatments, and new information.

I think, at least for me, once the time comes when you have all the information you can, and have tried all the treatments that are appropriate and suitable for you (which includes only as many as you are comfortable with), if you are then still ill or in pain, there is a lot of wisdom and peace that comes with accepting your life as it is. Which is not to say I can always manage it!

At this point, I realise that, as of now and short of developments in stem cell technology or some awesome laser reminiscent of sci-fi, there is no cure for what ails me. I can manage my symptoms using medication for pain and steroid injections for flare-ups, plus surgeries as they become indicated. However, none of these things can fix the degeneration causing my pain, or the genetic predisposition causing the degeneration, and sometimes they cannot even manke my pain manageable.

Although I continue to educate myself and be quietly hopeful for medical advances that could benefit my hypothetical children if not myself, I am not counting on my problems going away. I am getting on with my life as best I can, making decisions which increase my wellness and health to the greatest extent possible, and being kind and patient with myself.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

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