Good Day.

I’m having a good (or at least better) day today! And I am grateful. But good days present me with a bit of a dilemma.

Do I make the most of my good day by catching up on all the cleaning, errands, and socialising that have fallen by the wayside over my bad patch, thereby overdoing it and making it likely that I will crash and burn? Or do I deliberately pace myself, doing more than I would on a bad day but less than I want to, in the hopes that my good day can be stretched out into a good week?

Despite plans to the contrary, I frequently go with the former. I never know when the next good day will come, and it seems like too much of a risk to me to hope that I’ll have another one tomorrow. I do, however, realise that I would be more likely to have a second good day if I didn’t thrash myself so hard on the first one, and I realise as I’m doing it that it’s probably a silly way of doing things.

How do you use your good days?


1 thought on “Good Day.

  1. Mommabel

    I do the same thing. I pack as much as I can into a good day, and then the next day I feel awful. I’m trying so hard to balance it. I had it figured out with the first diagnosis, but this one is more difficult.


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